Game, DVD Sales Hurting Music Industry More Than Downloads

Aguazul writes with this excerpt from the Guardian: “The music industry likes to insist that filesharing — aka illegal downloading — is killing the industry; that every one of the millions of music files downloaded each day counts as a ‘lost’ sale, which if only it could somehow have been prevented would put stunning amounts of money into impoverished artists’ hands. … If you even think about it, it can’t be true. People — even downloaders — only have a finite amount of money. In times gone by, sure, they would have been buying vinyl albums. But if you stopped them downloading, would they troop out to the shops and buy those songs? I don’t think so. I suspect they’re doing something different. I think they’re spending the money on something else. What else, I mused, might they be buying? The first clue of where all those downloaders are really spending their money came in searching for games statistics: year after year ELSPA had hailed ‘a record year.’ In fact … games spending has risen dramatically — from £1.18bn in 1999 to £4.03bn in 2008. Meanwhile music spending has gone from £1.94bn to £1.31bn.”

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