Internet Explorer Fail

I hit ctrl+t in internet explorer 8 and got a javascript error on tabswelcome.htm. First off why is the tabswelcome page running any scripts at all? Why does Internet Explorer suck so much?

Internet Explorer 8 Error On tabswelcome.htm

Internet Explorer 8 Error On tabswelcome.htm


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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 browsers

2 Comments to Internet Explorer Fail

  • nimbus says:

    I’m getting the exact same problem here. Only since today 28th Jan 2010.

  • bob says:

    I’m getting this problem now too, it has only just started doing it. I haven’t installed anything new, or updated anything recently. I just noticed it stopped working yesterday, I open a new tab, but i get the same error regarding the tabswelcome.htm page and javascript line 144 char 1. I also tried all the fixes I could find in Google searches but to no avail.
    Not even IE Reset fixes this.

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