Kindle Pricing, Business Models and Source Code

narramissic writes “A trifecta of Kindle-related news surfaced this week, with Jeff Bezos speaking at Wired’s ‘Disruptive by Design’ conference on topics including Kindle pricing and business models. And yesterday, reports blogger Peter Smith, ‘there was a flurry of blogging activity yesterday stating that Amazon had released the Kindle source code. Once everyone caught their breath, it became apparent that the files in question were just some open source libraries that Amazon had modified (they’re being good open source citizens and releasing mods they’ve made to open source code — good for them!), not the complete source code.’ Now, back to the Kindle pricing: According to a post at Wired, Bezos said Amazon opted to sell the Kindle for ‘something akin to the actual cost for hardware,’ rather than subsidizing the hardware costs and requiring a monthly subscription or requiring the buyer to purchase a certain number of books per month because ‘fees and minimum purchase requirements create friction.’ Smith has a different take: ‘If I’m buying a Kindle from Amazon that enables me to buy books from Amazon, I’m broadcasting a desire to buy Kindle books. I would welcome some subsidization of the hardware since I’m going to be buying content anyway. No, I really think Amazon priced the Kindle the way they did because they thought they could get away with doing so (and they were right, it would seem).’ Meanwhile, over at the New York Times, Bezos said ‘that he sees Kindle-the-device and Kindle-the-book-format as two separate business models, and that the Kindle iPhone App won’t be the last software reader to appear.'”

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