OLPC Fork Sugar On a Stick Goes 1.0

Marten writes “It was more than a year ago that Walter Bender left OLPC and started SugarLabs.org. Now, the first version of the new project has been released. Sugar on a Stick is a USB-drive that runs on Mac and PC-style hardware. ‘The open-source education software developed for the “0 laptop” can now be loaded onto a USB stick to give aging PCs and Macs a new interface and custom educational software.’ Bender said, ‘What we are doing is taking a bunch of old machines that barely run Windows 2000, and turning them into something interesting and useful for essentially zero cost. It becomes a whole new computer running off the USB key; we can breathe new life into millions of decrepit old machines.'”


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Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 Uncategorized