Should Wikipedians Edit Stories For Pay?

Hugh Pickens writes “The Register reports that a longtime Wikipedia admin has been caught offering to edit the online encyclopedia in exchange for cash. Someone noticed a post to an online job marketplace where he was advertising his services: ‘Besides technical writing, I also am an accomplished senior Wikipedia administrator with several featured articles to my name,’ read the post, which has since been changed. ‘If you need a good profile on Wikipedia, I can help you out there too through my rich experience.’ Wikipedia promptly opened a discussion page to try to reach consensus on the community view of ‘paid editing.’ So far opinion seems to be divided between those who say it’s ok as long as full disclosure is made and ‘edits are compliant with WP:NPOV, WP:RS, WP:BLP, WP:N,’ and others who believe that paid editing automatically creates a conflict of interest. Back in 2006, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales shot down a company known as MyWikiBiz, which promised that you could ‘author your legacy on the Internet.’ The company subsequently had to reinvent itself with no reference to Wikipedia. ‘It is not ok with me that anyone ever set up a service selling their services as a Wikipedia editor, administrator, bureaucrat, etc., I will personally block any cases that I am shown,’ wrote Wales.”

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