SLI On Life Support For the AMD Platform

JoshMST writes “For years AMD and NVIDIA were like peas and carrots, and their SNAP partnership proved to be quite successful for both companies. Things changed dramatically when AMD bought up ATI, and now it seems like NVIDIA is pulling the plug on SLI support for the AMD platform. While the chipset division at AMD may be a bitter rival to NVIDIA, the CPU guys there have had a long and prosperous relationship with the Green Machine. While declining chipset margins on the AMD side was attributed to AMD’s lackluster processor offerings for the past several years, the Phenom II chips have reawakened interest in the platform and they have found a place in enthusiasts’ hearts again. Unfortunately for NVIDIA, they are seemingly missing out on a significant revenue stream by not offering new chipsets to go with these processors. They have also curtailed SLI adoption on the AMD platform as well, which couldn’t be happening at a worse time.”

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Friday, June 19th, 2009 Uncategorized